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Answering Objections to the BibleAnswering Objections Volume 1 - Answering Objections to the Bible
176 pages (horizontal configuration on iPad), Greg Hanson, 2012

Format: ePub

Answering Objections is a planned five-volume set. Future volumes will focus on objections to Jesus (February 2012), to the Resurrection (March 2012), to the Existence of God (September 2012), and to the Church (January 2013). This first volume, Answering Objections to the Bible, responds to twelve common arguments raised against the Christian Scriptures.

This ePub requires a reader capable of opening ePub files.

Price: $7.95
(all prices USD)

Who is Jesus? eBookWho Is Jesus? Discovering the Man, the Message, and the Mission
105 pages (in PDF file) Greg Hanson, 2011

Formats: You will receive both the ePub and PDF versions

Based on Greg Hanson's popular "Who Is Jesus?" message series, this ebook will help you understand who Jesus is and why He matters. Topics covered include the humanity and divinity of Jesus, his crucifixion and resurrection, his parables, and much more. It looks at history, theology, and common views of Jesus today. (You can read a sample here.)

Adobe Acrobat ReaderThe ePub version requires a reader capable of opening ePub files. The PDF version can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available for download HERE for free.

Regular Price: $10.95
Promotional Price: $7.95
(all prices USD)

Spiritual Gift Discovery

Spiritual Gift Discovery
2 versions - an adult version and a teen version
Formats: Full sheet or half-sheet, *.doc or *.rtf

This Spiritual Gift Discovery is designed to help you better understand how God has equipped you to serve in areas of ministry where you will be effective and fulfilled. 

You will be asked to read 88 statements and identify how accurately each describes you. You then compile your responses onto an answer grid, total the rows, and discover which gifts appear to be present in you.

When you purchase this product, you will receive a zipped file containing two versions of the discovery: one for adults and one for teens (adapted from the adult version). Each of these is available in four formats:

1. A full sheet version in Microsoft Word format.
2. A half-sheet version in Microsoft Word format.
3. A half-sheet booklet version in Microsoft Word format (designed for you to photocopy double-sided, staple, and fold in half for multiple copies).
4. A full sheet version in Rich Text Format in case you can't open Microsoft Word files.

While recognizing that there are differences of opinion regarding certain spiritual gifts, this questionnaire approaches spiritual gifts from a Wesleyan-Arminian viewpoint. For example, the gift of tongues (or languages) is defined as "the God-given ability to speak in a language others understand but the speaker has never learned." If that does not fit your own understanding, then you are free to edit the definition and the relevant questions.

Price: $6.95 (all prices USD)

ArticlesArticle Collections
PDFs formatted to be printed onto half-sheets

As a freelance writer, Greg Hanson has provided articles to be used by a variety of clients. To make it affordable for churches, Greg has made available collections of 25 articles for only $24.95. (A value of over $400!) These can be used as a supplement to the message, as a catalyst for a small group discussion, or as a freebie at an Information Table.

Most of the articles in these collections deal with Christian living and/or theology. There are also a few articles that teach Biblical values but are not overtly "Christian."

You can preview sample articles by following the active links in the list below. (These previews are locked to prevent printing or copying.)

Terms of Use:
By purchasing this collection of articles by Greg Hanson, you acquire the right to print the files and to distribute them within your own church (up to 200 copies) or study group.
The primary copyright for the content is maintained by Greg Hanson. You do NOT acquire the right to post these articles online, resell them, or edit the content in any way. Nor are you permitted to give the articles to other churches, groups or organizations.
You are permitted to copy and paste the content into a newsletter or bulletin and edit the formatting, provided that the content is kept intact including the byline and bio at the end.
For more than 200 copies, simply purchase the collection again for each additional set of 200 copies. For other uses, contact us.

Article Collection 1:
(Samples can be previewed. Printing and copying disabled.)
• Be Careful for Goodness Sake
The Best Christmas Investments
• The Christmas Invasion
• Common Misconceptions of the Trinity
• The Crossroads of the Cross
Did Jesus Come from Pagan Religions?
• The Divinity of Jesus - Where Did This Belief Originate?
Finding Freedom from Debt

The Historicity of Jesus - How Do We Know He Ever Existed?
• Is Tithing Still Relevant for Christians Today?

• Jesus - His Humanity and Divinity
• Jesus - The Miracle Worker
• Jesus - Truly God, Truly Man
• Macho Man Jesus
• Maintain Peace at Christmas Time
Overcoming Obstacles

• Relational Healing - Six Steps to Reconciliation

• Should Christians Spread the Gospel?
• The Trinity and the Council of Nicaea
• The Virgin Birth - What Support Is There?
• What Is Tithing?
• What Makes a Good Story?
• What Sets Jesus Apart?
• Why Christmas?
• Why Did Jesus Tell Parables?
Adobe Acrobat ReaderThese articles are in PDF format. If needed, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader HERE for free.

Value: $400.00
Price: $24.95
(all prices USD)

Article Collection 2:
(Samples can be previewed. Printing and copying disabled.)
The Costs of Divorce
• The Christmas Story - Was There Really a Time?
• Differences and Similarities Between Religions - What Sets Christianity Apart?
• The Divinity of Jesus - Why do Christians Hold This View?
• Does the Doctrine of the Trinity Contradict Itself?
• The Historicity of Jesus - Can the New Testament be Trusted as a Reliable Source?
• How to Survive the Holiday Rush
• Jesus and Servanthood
• Jesus Is the Way
• The Message that Changed the World
The Parables of Jesus - How Do I Respond?
• The Parables of Jesus - Why Wasn't He More Clear?
• The Pregnant Virgin
• The Purpose Behind the Miracles of Jesus
• Resolving Conflict In Your Marriage

• Tips for Reducing Expenses
• The Trinity - Where Did the Doctrine Originate?
• What Does It Mean to Be Great?
• Who Is Jesus?
• Why Did Jesus Come?
• Why Doesn't Jesus Perform Miracles Today?
• Why Is the Doctrine of the Trinity Important?
Why Should I Tithe?
• Why Was Jesus Called the Lamb of God?
• Your Love Is Measured by Your Presence, Not Your Presents
Adobe Acrobat ReaderThese articles are in PDF format. If needed, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader HERE for free.

Value: $400.00
Price: $24.95
(all prices USD)

Purchase Collections 1 and 2 together for greater savings!
Value: $800.00
Price: $39.95
(all prices USD)

Who Wants to Win a Chocolate Eclair?sample screen shot

Who Wants to Win a Chocolate Eclair?
Operates in PowerPoint

This game is based on the TV show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." It is a fun variation of the game designed for use in social gatherings. Of course, the winners win a chocolate eclair. (Sorry... the eclairs are not provided.) You can decide what "parting gifts," if anything, participants who do not win receive.

The zipped file includes seven games, with eight levels per game. It runs in PowerPoint, and operates through the use of hyperlinks indicating if the answer was correct or wrong.

There is also an HTML file containing detailed instructions on how to use the game and how to customize the questions. Plus, there is a sample PowerPoint file to use as a walk-through for the audience / participants.

Who Wants to Win a Chocolate Eclair?
Price: $8.95 (all prices USD)

Who Wants to Be A Missionary?sample screen shot

Who Wants To Be A Missionary?
Operates in PowerPoint

A variation of "Who Wants ot Win a Chocolate Eclair?" This game contains the same questions, but the "eclair" graphics have been changed to "missionary" graphics. This version was originally designed to promote short-term mission trips and raise funds.

Who Wants To Be A Missionary?
Price: $8.95 (all prices USD)

Who Wants to Win a Chocolate Eclair / Be a Missionary Combo Pack
Price: $12.95 (all prices USD)

The Penn of Denn
The World Through Denn Coloured Glasses
232 pages, Denn Guptill, 2009
Format: Paperback; Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.7 inches

Who is Jesus? eBookSince 1995, Denn Guptill has been writing a weekly column. This column looks at current and personal events and relates them to the Christian believer's daily life. Many of these columns have been compiled and published in The World through Denn Coloured Glasses, volume 1 of a planned trilogy.

Subjects as diverse as spring snowstorms to the death of Princess Di are covered, sometimes from a humorous perspective and sometimes from a provocative perspective. There are times they invoke a chuckle, and other times they wander past the boundaries of political correctness. But they never fail to provoke thought.

The Penn of Denn makes a great Christmas gift. Or better yet, the perfect book for the family bathroom; it can be read for 30 seconds or 30 minutes. 

To purchase through PayPal, use the links below. Once payment is received, your book will be mailed to you. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Price is $19.99 USD plus shipping (included in prices below).

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