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  • The Blueprints of a Healthy Church
  • Preparing to Grow
  • Instructions for Living
  • What Does the Bible Say about Marriage? (addresses same-sex marriage)
  • Faith Lessons from The Lord of the Rings
  • There Really Was a Time (Christmas)
  • Starting Over
  • Beyond Christmas
  • How to Show Thankfulness to God
  • Lessons On the Road to Damascus
  • High Performance Christians
  • What God Requires
  • Spiritual Thirst
  • Can You Hear Me Now?
  • Determining Your Priorities
  • Jesus Christ Superman
  • The Prince of Peace
  • God's Will for My Life
  • Soggy Centers: What Prevents Us from Growing Spiritually and How We Can Move Beyond
  • Church As a Family
  • Understanding Healing
  • Living In Freedom (Amazing Grace Sunday)
  • Heaven Is My Home
  • Fill 'Er Up
  • The Crossroads of the Cross
  • Overcoming Floccinaucinihilipilification
  • Living Water
  • Getting to Know Jesus
  • The Cost of Following Jesus
  • How to Respond When Mistreated
  • How Do I Get Into Heaven?
  • How Do I Pray?
  • From Tragedy to Triumph: Dealing with Failure
  • Why Christmas?
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd
  • When Your Faith Is Rejected
  • You Hold the Keys
  • Why I'm Thankful for You
  • Risen... Believe It or Not!
  • Natural Disasters or Acts of God?
  • The Questions of Forgiveness
  • Secrets Revealed
  • Managing the Media
  • Finding the Strength to Help Others
  • A Thorn In the Flesh
  • Blinded to the Truth (the four types of soil)
  • Contrasting Christianity and Islam
  • The Roar of the Lion
  • Questions about Baptism
  • Free Will or a Predetermined Future?
  • Why Doesn't God Answer My Prayers?
  • Wesleyan? What's that?
  • Princesses of the Bible
  • Reflections On the Trinity
  • The Shyness of God
  • The Reality of Spiritual Warfare
  • ADVENTageous
  • Understanding Angels
  • It's All Relative: Meeting the Family of Jesus
  • What Is Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?
  • What If the Resurrection Never Happened?
  • A Visit to "The Shack"

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PowerPointPastors.com is provided as a ministry for pastors/preachers, especially those in churches without large attendance or flexible budgets. Most resources on this site have been designed by Greg Hanson for use at Sunrise Wesleyan Church. While Greg maintains the copyright for original material, permission is granted for pastors to use and adapt these resources for use within their local church... just don't resell it.