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Selling Articles Online at Constant Content

by Greg Hanson

Constant Content is a website that provides a way for freelance writers to sell original articles to customers/clients. Professionals and hobbyists alike have used the Constant Content platform to market their work to a wide audience of potential buyers.

Constant Content is not a pay-per-click site; it is a marketplace. As a freelance writer on Constant Content, you set the price for your articles. While the minimum price allowed is $7, most articles sell for significantly more. For example, a typical one-page article can sell for about $30, of which you keep 65%. Lengthier articles have sold for hundreds of dollars.

What you as an author actually sell on Constant Content is the rights to your article. Constant Content allows you to sell three different kinds of rights for your freelance articles: full rights, unique rights, and usage rights.

Full Rights - A person who buys full rights to an article can edit it to their heart's desire. This includes replacing your byline with his or her byline. The benefit for you is that you can charge more for full rights. But once the article is sold, it's gone. You can't use that content again because you have sold the rights to it. Still, selling full rights is the best option for most authors seeking to earn money online.

Unique Rights - The person who buys unique rights is not permitted to edit the article at all. The article must stay intact along with your byline (if included). However, you can't use or sell the article again. For authors seeking to build name recognition, selling unique rights may be the way to go. But if that is not important to you there likely is no advantage for you in selling unique rights.

Usage Rights - The person who buys usage rights must use your article "as is." The article cannot be edited in any way. You retain the copyright to the article and can sell it again (for usage rights only). Plus, you can post the article elsewhere (on your blog or a pay-per-click site). Selling usage rights is your option if you want to retain the copyright for your article or if you have already used the article elsewhere. For example, if you've posted an article on another website, published it in a magazine, or produced it for your day job, it's already "out there." This means you cannot sell full rights. But as long as you own the copyright, you can still sell it on Constant Content for usage rights and then hope for multiple buyers.

Before you can sell any articles on Constant Content, the quality of your writing must live up to Constant Content's high standards. But if you have the writing ability, you can earn a profit on Constant Content as a freelance writer.

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