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Freelance Writing for Constant Content

by Greg Hanson

The method-of-choice for thousands of freelance writers is to sell their articles online through the Constant Content website. Constant Content has a reputation for only accepting articles of a high quality, so customers are willing to pay a premium for them. However, to maintain this reputation, Constant Content reviews each and every article submitted and evaluates it based on stringent submission guidelines.

So what should you write about? Begin by writing about what you already know. Write about something related to your line of work, your hobbies, or the products you use.

You can also write about what you want to know. If you are doing research about a particular subject, write an article about it. For example, if you are planning a trip to Florida, write about Florida's best tourist destinations.

Be sure to check the list of "Public Requests" on the Constant Content website. This is where potential customers/clients can request articles about certain topics. If a requested topic appeals to you, write about it and submit the article. If the article is not purchased by that particular customer/client, it will be added to your portfolio and made available to other customers/clients.

When you submit an article to Constant Content, it will be thoroughly reviewed before it's posted for sale. The Constant Content editor(s) check for spelling, capitalization, grammar, plagiarism, etc.

If your article is rejected, you will receive a rejection email with a terse description of why your article was not accepted. Some authors take this personally and feel offended. But if you can get beyond that feeling, you can usually edit the article and resubmit it.

Be forewarned, though, that if you receive too many rejections and your writing is not considered to be up to Constant Content's standards, you might be banned. If you're caught plagiarizing you will be banned. To avoid this, become very familiar with Constant Content's submission guidelines and follow them consistently.

If you enjoy writing and want to earn a few extra bucks, freelance writing for Constant Content is a good way to do it. Especially since you can do it on your own schedule. You might not rake in the money, but given time you can earn a respectable return for your work.

To sign up and begin writing your own articles for Constant Content, click this referral link.


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